New York man rescued after 10 hours in car without heat – under nearly 4 feet of snow

  N.Y. — A man was rescued by a New York State Police trooper Thursday after he was stranded in his car for 10 hours without any heat.

State Police said Sgt. Jason Cawley responded to 911 calls from a man who had called Tioga County authorities and had run off the road and needed assistance. But law enforcement in the area had not located the driver as more than 40 inches of snow crippled the Binghamton area.  

Cawley continued the search Thursday and drove to Owego, in the Campville area, where the reports appeared to be coming from. Cawley also didn't immediately find the buried vehicle, state police said.

But Cawley persisted.

He found "what appeared to be a row of mailboxes and waded through the snow to check the addresses," state police said in a news release.

"While digging, he hit the windshield of a car. Inside the car was the driver who had been making 911 call," the statement read.

Kevin Kresen, 58, of Candor, was found. He was suffering from hypothermia and frostbite.

Kresen told Cawley he had been plowed in by a truck, and the car was covered with close to 4 feet of snow. So he was stranded for more than 10 hours, state police said. And to make matters worse, the car had no heat due to a broken serpentine belt.

He was removed from the vehicle and taken to a hospital in Binghamton for treatment.

Starting Wednesday and into Thursday, the East Coast winter storm dumped snow all the way from the Carolinas to Maine. Interior areas of Pennsylvania and New York state took the brunt of the heavy snow – more than 40 inches in many towns. The highest total recorded was a whopping 44 inches in Newark Valley, New York, a tiny village about 10 miles from Binghamton.

Binghamton officially picked up 40 inches, though other measurements around the city were as high as 42 inches.



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