Unseasonably warm weather to usher in The New Year 2022


 will be getting off to an unseasonably warm start, Greece’s weather service (EMY) reported on Friday, forecasting daytime highs of as much as 18 degrees Celsius on the mainland and 19 Celsius on the islands.

The warm weather will also come with sunny skies in most parts of the country, with just a few showers expected in Crete and the islands of the Dodecanese early in the morning and a foggy start to the day in northern Greece.

Athens will have a day of clear skies, moderate winds reaching speeds of 5 Beaufort and warm temperatures ranging from 11 to 17 Celsius.

Thessaloniki, meanwhile, will see a few clouds and winds picking up over the course of the day to reach speeds of 6 Beaufort. Temperatures in the northern port city will range from a low of 6C to a high of 17C. Those temperatures will be a few degrees lower further north and in the mountains.

Temperatures will inch up, however, reaching 17 degrees Celsius in central Greece and most of the Peloponnese, and 18C on the Aegean islands, which will, however, see an uptick in winds, reaching 6 on the Beaufort scale.



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