The World Turns Greek on March 25 to Mark Greece’s Bicentennial

  The entire world will turn Greek to mark Greece’s bicentennial, celebrated on March 25, 2021, commemorating 200 years since the declaration of its War of Independence.

In every corner of the globe where members of the Greek Diaspora are present, the anniversary will be marked. Iconic landmarks in all of those countries will be illuminated in blue and white in honor of the Greek people and their struggle for freedom 200 years ago.

Lighting up their most iconic landmark buildings and bridges in the blue of the Greek flag for one night, American cities from East to West will honor the nation of Greece as well as the many millions of Greek-Americans who are part of the fabric of the country.

Here is a list of the American cities which will mark the Greek bicentennial with illuminations of their iconic landmarks this year.


San Francisco City Hall will be illuminated with the colors of the Greek flag on March 25.

The initiative belongs to the United Hellenic American Societies (UHAS) representing Greek Americans in California and the efforts of Taso Zografos, President of the United Hellenic American Societies of Northern California (UHAS).

“Our Greek community in California is working together in unison to pay tribute to those who stood up to tyranny, sacrificed their lives in the fight against oppression, and bravely liberated Greece from occupation,” says UHAS President Taso Zografos.

“Hellenes and Philhellenes around the world continue to stand united in defense of freedom and liberty for all.”

The City of Los Angeles will mark the celebration of the Greek bicentennial of its War of Independence on March 25 by illuminating the iconic pylons outside its international airport, LAX.

Other buildings and areas which will also be illuminated to show respect for the Greek Bicentennial are the Richards/I-5 underpass, the Capitol Mall, the K street Tunnel, City College Pedestrian Bridge, Memorial Auditorium and the McKinley Underpass.

The Santa Monica Pier’s “Pacific Wheel” will also have a special, evening-long Light Show for Greek Independence Day on the 25th.

Boston to be in blue and white for Greece Bicentennial

Stratos Efthymiou, the dynamic Consul General of Greece in Boston, spearheaded all the efforts for the commemoration in Massachusetts and elsewhere in New England.

See the complete guide here for many of the New England commemorations on March 25.

He told Greek Reporter that the illuminations will occur in states all over the country, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island — all places where many Greeks flocked in past centuries and decades in their search for a better life.

The cities of Boston, Lowell, and Fall River in Massachusetts, as well as Providence, Rhode Island and Manchester, New Hampshire, will light up their iconic bridges and city halls in blue for the celebration of 200 years of Greek independence.

The iconic Piscataqua River Bridge, a span linking the states of New Hampshire and Maine, will also be lit up in the blue and white in commemoration of the Greek War of Independence.

Some of them will keep the lights lit for an entire week.

Efthymiou states “We are grateful to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to illuminate some of their most iconic bridges for one week.” The Consul-General added that other consulates all over the country are planning on asking heir communities to do the same thing in honoring Greece during the bicentennial of its War of Independence.


Greektown Chicago is hosting a free virtual celebration of the 200th anniversary of Greek Independence Day on Thursday, March 25 at 7 pm CST (8 pm Eastern Time).

The festivities will include a special performance from popular Greek singer Glykeria of the song “Να ‘τανε το ’21” (“Let it be ‘21”), which commemorates the beginning of the Greeks’ fight for independence in March 1821.

The event will be streamed on the Greektown Chicago Facebook page.

Greektown’s virtual celebration includes a dynamic history of Chicago’s vibrant Greek-American community with stories from prominent Chicagoans and archival photos highlighting the city’s Greek Independence Day celebrations and parades over the past 126 years.

Additionally, families from across Chicagoland are encouraged to join the virtual celebration by submitting photos and videos of their Greek Independence Day memories, which may be used in a montage during the virtual event.

Greece Bicentennial in Canada

CN Tower in Toronto

A series of important landmarks in Ontario, Canada, will glow in the blue and white on March 24 and 25 as well.

The mayor of Toronto, John Troy, Councillor Nick Mantas and Consul General of Greece in Toronto Victor Maligoudis will oversee the illumination of the iconic CN Tower in Toronto on Wednesday, March 24, at 8 pm EST.

The illumination of this monument will take place on Thursday, March 25, following the sunset, at approximately 7:36 pm. The ceremony will be broadcast live on the official CN Tower website (no password required).



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